Welcome to alyx.io

alyx.io is a new "jukebox"-like app that gives you and your friends the ability to listen to music from spotify and youtube at parties!

You can queue music, create and save playlists, give ranks and permissions to users and much more to come...

How it works

Get started

How it works:

alyx.io connects with your personal spotify account to send and receive information about songs that you want to play. These songs are then forwarded with a request to a backend-server, which handles queueing and playlist management of all participants.

The best part is: Even if some of your friends only have access to a spotify free-account, the backend is using a premium account, which will garantuee ad-free music playback for everyone.

Get started

The setup process is simple: Just install the host-side application, let everyone authenticate via the "Connect"-Page and enjoy.

Step 1: Install the application on the host-machine:

Begin by making sure the requirements are met:

- All the devices are connected to the same network as the host.

- Python 3.7 is installed

After that, download the application here:

Follow the set-up prompts on screen.

Step 2: Connect to your Spotify account:


This will be ad-space in the future

This aswell.