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Why do you care about what happens in private? Don't you know it's consenting adults? Don't you know it's only roleplay? What about female dominants? And more.

date: 2016/10/26

Capitalist Sexuality and “Sex-Positive Feminism”

If capitalism is the age of the commodity, then patriarchy under capitalism is the age of commodity sexuality. Capitalist-patriarchal relations are defined by the evaporation (or near-evaporation) of the ‘moral housewife’ model, and the success of new forms of subjugation through liberal or neo-colonial notions of liberation.

date: 2016/07/11

Is Gender Inherently Oppressive? Should we Abolish Gender?

Communists say that gender is an imminent reality today due to class society. Gender is fundamentally and irrevocably a hierarchy of oppression, exploitation, and domination. The genesis of gender is in the genesis of oppression and exploitation, and the exodus of gender is in the exodus of oppression and exploitation.

date: 2015/06/14

The Eroticisation of Gender

The cause of so much confusion over the nature of gender is that gender is a construct of unparalleled proximity. Gender is a construct of the private home, of the confines of the bedroom and the kitchen. It's the construct of intimacy.

date: 2014/12/17

How Much of the Labour in the World is Performed by Women?

Most feminists have heard the soundbite "women are 50% of the population, do 66% of the work, receive 10% of the income and own less than 1% of property" before, but it's rarely backed up by a citation. Here I attempt to provide some sort of answer.

date: 2014/09/29

Western DPRK Propaganda: The Worst, Occasionally Hilarious, and Often Racist, Lies

Landing on the sun? Women banned from riding bicyles? People executed for watching forgein films? Cannibalism!?

date: 2014/08/14

“Quotations From Chairman Mao Zedong” Unix Fortune File

For the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist unix/fortune users (all 3 of you!), I present the entire “Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong” book in a fortune(6) ready format.

date: 2014/06/16

13 Notes on Innovation in Socialism and Communism

(1) – All levels of education would be free for all people. Socialist (or at least nominally-socialist) states have always put a huge emphasis on education. Cuba is a shining example with the worlds highest literacy rate, and a ratio of one teacher to every 12 students. (2) – Duplicated effort would be eradicated with the disappearance of corporate secrecy and competition.

date: 2014/04/29

Binding ctrl+(shift+)tab in GTK3

Pressing 'ctrl+shift+tab', 'ctrl+tab', and 'shift+tab' never fires a 'key-pressed-event', but is instead gobbled up internally by GTK3 and used to switch the currently focused widget. This article provides a solution.

date: 2014/03/02

Solving World Hunger in 6.9 Days – The 256 Most Profitable Corporations

If we took the combined profit the top 256 corporations generate for just 6.9 days we could solve world hunger. This is a live second-by-second ticker of the profit generated and the amount of people it could save.

date: 2014/01/21

My xmonad Config

After many hours of tweaking, starting on the shores of xmobar/demu and later ending up in gnomeConfig waters, I think I've finally settled on something approaching a completed config. The default gnomeConfig is so close to being perfect, yet it misses out with a lack of libnotify support (and, due to the limitations of the gnome workspace switcher, doesn't handle multiple monitors, but that's for another day).

date: 2013/09/16

Men Should do More Childcare than Women

Calls for an equal childcare contribution from each of the parents involved with a child completely miss the mark, as childcare is only a subset of the work required in the production of a new human being. Pregnancy, breastfeeding (if applicable), and childcare are all work. The time – the work – one of the parents spends pregnant and breastfeeding should therefore be offset by an equivalent amount of work spent caring for the child from the other parent(s). Men should do more childcare than women.

date: 2013/07/24

Trans Healthcare and my Experience at Nottingham Gender Identity Clinic

Any trans person who knows anything about their history will tell you that we haven't exactly got along with the medical establishment (to say the very least). As hopelessly naïve as I was, I thought things would be at least a little different now, in 2013, after the huge strides in trans activism and awareness in recent years. I thought that even if the care I received turned out to be not so much care, and more "care", I could still reason with them, that they might just change their mind if I only explained things to them. Everyone is, deep down, a reasonable person, right? How wrong I was.

date: 2013/07/01

Liberal Free Speech Values

Whenever anyone either objects to, or tries to stop, hate speech, the inevitable liberal response is something along the lines of “You can't infringe upon someone's right to say those things! Free speech!”. This line of reasoning falls down the moment you ask the question “Who's rights are really being infringed upon, and in what way?”.

date: 2013/04/27