Capitalist Sexuality and “Sex Positive Feminism”

If capitalism is the age of the commodity, then patriarchy under capitalism is the age of commodity sexuality. Capitalist-patriarchal relations are defined by the evaporation (or near-evaporation) of the ‘moral housewife’ model, and the success of new forms of subjugation through liberal or neo-colonial notions of liberation.

date: 2016/07/11

Is Gender Inherently Oppressive? Should we Abolish Gender?

Communists say that gender is an imminent reality today due to class society. Gender is fundamentally and irrevocably a hierarchy of oppression, exploitation, and domination. The genesis of gender is in the genesis of oppression and exploitation, and the exodus of gender is in the exodus of oppression and exploitation.

date: 2015/06/14

The Eroticisation of Gender

The cause of so much confusion over the nature of gender is that gender is a construct of unparalleled proximity. Gender is a construct of the private home, of the confines of the bedroom and the kitchen. It's the construct of intimacy.

date: 2014/12/17